3 days

I enjoyed freshman orientation.

there,i said it.

i was pretty convinced i would hate and shit all over it since i’m not those kinda guys who can summon enthusiasm with a click of my fingers but it was really a pleasant surprise after all.It’s long since i’ve met such genuine people after all the hubbub and culture of tertiary education so i was pretty glad.It’s funny how you can spend 3 days with some people and be so tightly knitted as compared to those with say,3 years.

I think the apogee was when the camp officially ended and we had the debrief.When Germaine,Angeline and a couple few of the girls broke down when we circled around them as they were making the official ending speech for group 2.I didn’t bawl my eyes out or anything like that but i did felt something stir in my heart for sure.They were really crying because of all the efforts the poured in to make this the very best camp for all of us and the freshies.I was really touched and probably cheered the loudest of all the 3 days during that 10 minute cheering session lol.

They aren’t probably gonna see this since none of them have tumblr or whatnots,but then again true appreciation really shines through when its deep and unspoken.So cheers,i really hope everyone had the time of their night today.


Posted on Wednesday, April 11th at 11:28PM

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