3 days

I enjoyed freshman orientation.

there,i said it.

i was pretty convinced i would hate and shit all over it since i’m not those kinda guys who can summon enthusiasm with a click of my fingers but it was really a pleasant surprise after all.It’s long since i’ve met such genuine people after all the hubbub and culture of tertiary education so i was pretty glad.It’s funny how you can spend 3 days with some people and be so tightly knitted as compared to those with say,3 years.

I think the apogee was when the camp officially ended and we had the debrief.When Germaine,Angeline and a couple few of the girls broke down when we circled around them as they were making the official ending speech for group 2.I didn’t bawl my eyes out or anything like that but i did felt something stir in my heart for sure.They were really crying because of all the efforts the poured in to make this the very best camp for all of us and the freshies.I was really touched and probably cheered the loudest of all the 3 days during that 10 minute cheering session lol.

They aren’t probably gonna see this since none of them have tumblr or whatnots,but then again true appreciation really shines through when its deep and unspoken.So cheers,i really hope everyone had the time of their night today.


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Muay Thai Camp

Ah,where do i begin?

After all that 15 hours straight of pushing onwards and never saying die

i’ve finally made it and am constituted in “tough guy society”

Firstly,i began NP muay thai camp with an open heart,getting all ready for the fun and creative activities that the seniors might have planned for us.How naive was all of us,to think that this would be like some NPSU camp,where you gather and make small talk and enjoy yourselves,shit like that.The camp officially kicked off through an amazing race like scenario,where we had to walk from Ngee Ann all the way to Serene Centre,which is somewhere near Coronation.

Undoubtedly,being me,i started to grumble and complain of the lack of originality as well as how pointless it is,but nonetheless we reached there in quite about an hour or so.From then on,was the start of me wearing down.The opposing teams implemented a power card on us and we were to piggyback 3 people of our team from Coro to Takashima.YES.MOTHERFUCKIN ORCHARD.

So everybody technically died on the way,where our team consisted of only 8 people,where the 3 people are carrying the other 3 and the other 2 was in charge of all the damn bags.It was crazy and i lost track of the number of klicks we clocked in purely on foot.We probably reached there after 3 hours?

Hell wasn’t over and apparently this time,we have to go from Taka all the way to MacRitchie.Oh yeah,PIGGY FUCKING BACK AS WELL.to be honest we did slack and sometimes did stop piggy bagging,walking a little stuff like that,but that shit was gruesome and really intense.I remembered clearly that i crumbled like a sack of potatoes when i reached MacRitchie.

And guess what?Apparently this was just the fucking appetiser.

The usual jovial and spontaneous seniors,especially Han,became dead serious and fierce.I remember clearly the beads of pespiration streaming down my face like a damn waterfall.We werent allowed to move and absolutely no fidgeting was allowed,which reminded me so much about NPCC,except much worse.They then proceeded to TAUNT us,JEER at us,laugh at us,calling us names,saying how WEAK we were,literally tearing us apart physically and mentally.I was cursing and swearing deep down,wondering,what in fuck’s name was i doing here,im burning in living hell.

We ran around MacRitchie,came back and was served with classic push up positions.Tbh,10 minutes of strict push up position is no fucking easy feat.We are all considered pretty athletic but after the torture we’ve been through,our hands quivering,bones breaking,spirit snapping,i’ve been forced to place my knees down simply because i couldnt handle it anymore.I was broken down,beaten up,stripped down bare and my mind was holding by a thread.Im not really exaggerating but it truly was the worst and bitter i’ve been through.Apparently,at this point it was so tough one of our friends tried to run away during the mass run,but was caught.Eventually she still left us,but honestly i have no idea what the fuck she was thinking.Anyway,

Soon after,PT hell ensues.I never knew how the bear crawl could be so damn hard.We were sent,crawling literally,all the way back and forth,our palms raw and bleeding from the rough tar floor and it was really a killer.Eventually one of us succumbed and fell.He crumbled and couldnt even get back up from then on.He was Khoo Wen Xing,the guy who everyone teased about,for his bulky and fat body.It was then the seniors gave us a mini lecture about how we treated one another,how we made fun of him,but how he was truly the most hardworking among us,the one who always ran before training so as to double up the effort.

Wraps all tied up,always carrying a strong motivation.It was really touching,i can’t really express the feelings and emotions during that moment,but it was really rewarding.You see,this is what the camp is all about.It’s about the respect for one another,big or small,regardless of race and nationality.They were teaching us an important life lesson,that teamwork is the key to success.Many people say that Muay thai is a solo sport,but without the motivation from one another,cliche as it is,it isnt gonna work out.From then on,i could literally see the renewed spirits of everybody,it was then i knew,all of us made past the breaking point.

Fuckin hell,that’s alot of words that i’ve said.But it would never be enough,the story of yesterday cant be expressed because words are superflous at this point of time already.After that,we trekked through MacRitchie,into the deepest parts of it from 5am all the way to 9,made it back to school in one piece.Even though our feet was swollen from all that walking,running and climbing,the satisfaction level was just extraodinary.15 motherfucking hours,where the sun goes down and came up again.Till now my back is aching badly from all that piggybacking,but damn it really was rewarding.

This was really the greatest personal hurdle i’ve overcomed,where the friendship was forged through hard work and not small talk here and there,and im so certain,from this day onwards,my passion for muay thai will continue to burn eternally.

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